The Leonids and Mt Hamilton

In search of a spot away from city lights, I ended up in the backcountry north of Mt. Hamilton, not that it mattered, since there was a full moon. The Leonids were nice, reaching a peak of 5 per minute.

021119-06-moon-m (500x463, 52.6 kilobytes) 021119-09-MtHamilton (500x339, 32.9 kilobytes) 021119-10-MtHamilton (500x333, 38.9 kilobytes) 021119-11-MtHamilton (500x330, 56.1 kilobytes) 021119-12-MtHamilton-m (500x248, 13.1 kilobytes) 021119-13-MtHamilton-m (500x251, 16.1 kilobytes) 021119-14-MtHamilton-m (500x277, 15.4 kilobytes) 021119-15-MtHamilton (500x336, 48.9 kilobytes) 021119-16-MtHamilton (500x335, 44.6 kilobytes) 021119-17-MtHamilton (500x336, 38.7 kilobytes) 021119-18-MtHamilton (335x500, 38.6 kilobytes) 021119-19-MtHamilton (500x331, 41.6 kilobytes) 021119-20-MtHamilton (500x345, 47.2 kilobytes) 021119-21-MtHamilton (353x500, 37.9 kilobytes) 021119-22-MtHamilton (385x500, 33.9 kilobytes) 021119-23-MtHamilton (336x500, 50.6 kilobytes)

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