Castle Rock State Park

An afternoon Confused Hike, January 3, 2003. Pleasant weather, calm with partial light overcast. Organized by Christian Scholz, joined by Robert Parks

Trail Map (400x256, 42.6 kilobytes) 030103-1414-CastleRockFalls (400x300, 43.0 kilobytes) 030103-1415-CastleRockFalls (300x400, 39.0 kilobytes) 030103-1416-CastleRockFalls (400x300, 46.5 kilobytes) 030103-1415-WfrCastleRockFalls (400x300, 56.5 kilobytes) 030103-1423-SfrSaratogaGapTr (400x300, 16.1 kilobytes) 030103-1424-WfrSaratogaGapTr (400x300, 17.2 kilobytes) 030103-1508-WfrSaratogaGapTr (400x300, 17.9 kilobytes) 030103-1533-ChristianScholz-frGoatRock (300x400, 64.7 kilobytes) 030103-1533-WfrGoatRock (400x300, 23.9 kilobytes) 030103-1535-GoatRock (300x400, 54.5 kilobytes) 030103-1537-GoatRock (300x400, 45.5 kilobytes) 030103-1541-GoatRock (400x300, 44.6 kilobytes) 030103-1539-GoatRock (400x300, 44.6 kilobytes) 030103-1540-GoatRock (300x400, 44.7 kilobytes) 030103-1542-GoatRock (400x300, 45.6 kilobytes) 030103-1543-EofGoatRock (300x400, 43.0 kilobytes) 030103-1544-ChristianScholz-EofGoatRock (400x300, 51.6 kilobytes) 030103-1546-ChristianScholz-EofGoatRock (300x400, 52.2 kilobytes) 030103-1547-ChristianScholz-EofGoatRock (300x400, 54.5 kilobytes) 030103-1548-RobertP-EofGoatRock (400x300, 50.6 kilobytes) 030103-1549-RobertP-EofGoatRock (400x300, 52.0 kilobytes) 030103-1555-EofGoatRock (400x300, 47.2 kilobytes) 030103-1556-EofGoatRock (400x300, 44.3 kilobytes)

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