Day Trip to the Long Valley Hot Springs

This was a long day trip to the hot springs near Mammoth, by way of Echo Summit (US50) and Monitor Pass (CA89) (bypassing South Lake Tahoe). This was principally a trip to check up on conditions at the hot springs. Rather than a more relaxed soaking and/or hiking trip.

On the road

030328-1226-US395-MonoLk-frConwayGrdVistaPt (480x360, 52.1 kilobytes) 030328-1227-US395-WhiteMtns-frConwayGrdVistaPt (480x360, 37.0 kilobytes)

The Long Valley Hot Springs
We visited most of the springs, although I didn't photograph Crab Cooker (nearly empty), Wild Willies #1 (occupied), Hilltop (occupied), Little Hot Creek (not visited) or Hot Creek (not visited).

030328-1413-RainbowPool-SE (480x360, 50.5 kilobytes) 030328-1414-RainbowPool-SW (480x360, 58.5 kilobytes) 030328-1417-nrRainbowPool-SE (480x360, 46.5 kilobytes) 030328-1427-ShepherdsTub-SE (480x360, 59.9 kilobytes) 030328-1428-ShepherdsTub-SW (480x360, 52.2 kilobytes) 030328-1541-TheTub (480x360, 75.9 kilobytes) 030328-1607-WildWillies2-SE (480x360, 61.9 kilobytes) 030328-1608-WildWillies2-S (480x360, 64.5 kilobytes) 030328-1615-nrWildWillies-S (480x360, 43.0 kilobytes) 030328-1616-nrWildWillies-SE (480x360, 39.0 kilobytes) 030328-1617-WildWillies-sign (480x360, 52.3 kilobytes) 030328-1633-Hilltop-src (360x480, 79.6 kilobytes) 030328-1636-Hilltop-src (480x360, 68.8 kilobytes)

On the way out

030328-1718-ConvictLk (480x360, 66.9 kilobytes) 030328-1827-TravertineHotSprs-m (480x360, 36.4 kilobytes) 030328-1828-TravertineHotSprs-lower-m (480x360, 30.9 kilobytes) 030328-1830-TravertineHotSprs-lower-m (480x360, 22.5 kilobytes)

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