Sweeney Ridge Walk

A pleasant 8 mile or so walk on the paved or graded access roads with a few segments of foot trail. Excellent views and wildflowers made up for the proximity to civilization.

Trail Map

topo-SweeneyRdg-route (388x500, 108.0 kilobytes)

Sneath Lane to the ridge

030509-1050-SneathLn-atGate (500x375, 73.0 kilobytes) 030509-1051-SneathLn-atGate-m (500x375, 56.9 kilobytes) 030509-1054-SanAndreasLk-frSneathLn (500x375, 78.6 kilobytes) 030509-1059-SneathLn (375x500, 72.7 kilobytes) 030509-1113-SneathLn (500x375, 77.9 kilobytes) 030509-1118-SanAndreasLk-frSneathLn (500x375, 62.3 kilobytes) 030509-1119b-SneathLn (375x500, 96.7 kilobytes) 030509-1119c-SneathLn-m (500x466, 137.2 kilobytes) 030509-1119d-SneathLn (500x375, 118.8 kilobytes) 030509-1129-SneathLn (500x375, 120.5 kilobytes) 030509-1130-SneathLn (500x375, 44.1 kilobytes)

Sweeney Ridge south

030509-1133b-DiscoverySite (500x375, 58.2 kilobytes) 030509-1135c-DiscoverySite-MtDiablo-E (500x375, 64.8 kilobytes) 030509-1137-SweeneyRdgTr (375x500, 104.2 kilobytes) 030509-1140-SweeneyRdgTr (500x375, 108.2 kilobytes) 030509-1141-SweeneyRdgTr (500x375, 59.2 kilobytes) 030509-1144-SweeneyRdgTr (500x375, 123.9 kilobytes) 030509-1146-SweeneyRdgTr (500x375, 117.0 kilobytes) 030509-1148-SweeneyRdgTr (500x375, 95.4 kilobytes) 030509-1149-SweeneyRdgTr-m (500x407, 55.6 kilobytes) 030509-1150-SweeneyRdgTr (500x375, 98.9 kilobytes) 030509-1202-SweeneyRdgTr-MtTamalpais-N (500x375, 72.9 kilobytes) 030509-1204-SweeneyRdgTr-SanBrunoMtn-N (500x375, 78.2 kilobytes) 030509-1221-SweeneyRdgTr-SanPedroMtn-S (500x375, 72.3 kilobytes) 030509-1222-SweeneyRdgTr-SouthGate-SFWD (500x375, 42.6 kilobytes)

Sweeney Ridge north

030509-1253-SweeneyRdgTr (500x375, 90.6 kilobytes) 030509-1310-MoriRdgTr-S (500x375, 56.6 kilobytes) 030509-1311-MoriRdgTr-S (500x375, 63.1 kilobytes) 030509-1313-MoriRdgTr (500x375, 128.2 kilobytes) 030509-1318-MoriRdgTr (500x375, 62.6 kilobytes) 030509-1334b-SweeneyRdgTr (500x375, 116.4 kilobytes) 030509-1335-SweeneyRdgTr-E (500x375, 58.0 kilobytes) 030509-1336-SweeneyRdgTr-m (500x323, 107.6 kilobytes) 030509-1337a-SweeneyRdgTr-m (500x413, 100.6 kilobytes) 030509-1344a-SweeneyRdgTr (500x375, 89.6 kilobytes) 030509-1345-SweeneyRdgTr (500x375, 107.4 kilobytes) 030509-1346-SweeneyRdgTr (375x500, 106.9 kilobytes) 030509-1347b-SweeneyRdgTr (500x375, 96.1 kilobytes) 030509-1348-SweeneyRdgTr (500x375, 111.3 kilobytes)

Sneath Lane back to the trailhead

030509-1354-SneathLn-m (356x500, 105.8 kilobytes) 030509-1355-SneathLn-m (413x500, 128.3 kilobytes) 030509-1415-SneathLn (375x500, 85.5 kilobytes) 030509-1416-SneathLn (375x500, 66.8 kilobytes)

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