Sierra Nevada - East Side Access Report

East Side Access
Since I was heading over to the Long Valley Hot Springs to do maintenance work, I figured I might as well report on the access conditions on the East Side of the Sierra Nevada.
I took US-50 over Echo Summit, then cut over to US-395 on CA-89 over Luther and Monitor Passes. I went as far south as Rock Creek, just short of Bishop.

roadmap-sierra-central-with-passes (430x500, 103.2 kilobytes)

Echo Summit
First snow spotted at 5500', partial cover at 6500', mostly continuous above 7000'.

030516-0948-US50-MtRalstonRd-6460i (500x375, 48.5 kilobytes) 030516-0952-US50-7100i (500x375, 49.9 kilobytes) 030516-0953-US50-EofEchoSummit-7210i (500x375, 35.9 kilobytes)

Luther Pass
Partial to continuous cover depending on the exposure.

030516-1007a-CA89-LutherPass-S-7720t (500x375, 67.6 kilobytes) 030516-1007b-CA89-LutherPass-E-7735t (500x375, 49.1 kilobytes)

Carson Pass Area
Road open, I didn't go to the pass.

030516-1010-CA89-HopeVly-W-7100i (500x375, 38.6 kilobytes)

Monitor and Ebbetts Passes
Ebbetts - closed at the bottom of the grade near Pennsylvania Creek. I didn't go up the road. Due to open Friday, May 23rd.
Monitor - partial to full cover depending on exposure.

030516-1040-CA89-WofMonitorPass-W-7800t (500x375, 57.4 kilobytes) 030516-1041-CA89-WofMonitorPass-S-7800t (500x375, 64.4 kilobytes) 030516-1047-CA89-EofMonitorPass-W-8200t (500x375, 32.3 kilobytes)

Sonora Pass
Closed at Leavitt Station - I didn't head up the road. Due to open Friday, May 23rd.

030516-1124a-US395-nrCA108-S-6820t (500x375, 34.7 kilobytes) 030516-1124b-US395-nrCA108-NW-6840t (500x375, 33.6 kilobytes) 030516-1124-US395-nrCA108-W-6920t (500x375, 26.6 kilobytes)

Virginia Lakes
Partial cover at 9000', complete cover above 9700'

030516-1143-US395-SofBridgeport-S-6200t (500x375, 30.0 kilobytes) 030516-1205-VirginiaLkTrailhd-S-9805t (500x375, 59.3 kilobytes) 030516-1206-VirginiaLkTrailhd-W-9805t (500x375, 45.5 kilobytes) 030516-1214-VirginiaLkRd-S-9100t (500x375, 32.2 kilobytes)

Tioga and June Lake
Tioga is closed just east of the Park boundary. According to others, complete cover at the pass. No projected opening.

030516-1252-MonoLkVisitorCtr-NE-6700t (500x375, 53.4 kilobytes) 030516-1310-US395-SofLeeVining-S-6800t (500x375, 26.4 kilobytes)

Minarets Summit
Closed at the upper resort. Road is currently groomed for cross-country skiing. No projected opening.

030517-1747-MinaretsSummitRd-MammothMtnLdg-W-8850t (500x375, 52.8 kilobytes)

Long Valley Hot Springs
Rare snowbanks in protected locations at 7000'

030516-1513-TheTub-N (500x375, 64.1 kilobytes) 030516-1512-TheTub-SW (500x375, 41.5 kilobytes) 030517-1427-TheTubSource-W (500x375, 68.2 kilobytes)

Rock Creek
Partial cover at 9500', complete cover above 9900'. Road closed at pack station. No proected opening date.

030517-1655-RockCrkRd-MtMorgan-8400t (500x375, 61.3 kilobytes) 030517-1659-RockCrkRd-MtMorgan-9400t (500x375, 53.3 kilobytes) 030517-1704-RockCrkRd-PackStn-S-9920t (500x375, 56.4 kilobytes) 030517-1705-RockCrkRd-PackStn-S-9920t (500x375, 65.0 kilobytes) 030517-1706-RockCrkRd-MtMorgan-9920t (500x375, 67.4 kilobytes)

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