Alamere Falls

A nice ~11 mile semi-loop. When we left San Francisco, it was foggy, and it remained so all the way to Bolinas (turn left at the intersection with *no* sign!), but the fog was patchy at the trailhead, and we had partial sun for some of the hike.


Route Topo (462x500, 85.3 kilobytes)

Coastal Trail

030523-1157-CoastTr-nrJctLakeRanchTr (500x375, 95.5 kilobytes) 030523-1159-CoastTr-nrJctLakeRanchTr-m (500x341, 79.6 kilobytes)

Alamere Falls

030523-1234-UpperAlamereFalls (375x500, 86.8 kilobytes) 030523-1235-UpperAlamereFalls (375x500, 83.0 kilobytes) 030523-1237-UpperAlamereFalls (500x375, 98.0 kilobytes) 030523-1238-UpperAlamereFalls (375x500, 84.3 kilobytes) 030523-1240-MiddleAlamereFalls (500x375, 91.0 kilobytes) 030523-1242-MiddleAlamereFalls (500x375, 91.0 kilobytes) 030523-1243-LowerAlamereFalls (375x500, 67.1 kilobytes) 030523-1241a-LowerAlamereFalls (375x500, 76.4 kilobytes) 030523-1241c-LowerAlamereFalls (375x500, 66.5 kilobytes) 030523-1245b-AlamereFallsBeachAccess (375x500, 89.6 kilobytes) 030523-1251-WildcatBeach-atAlamereCrk-m (500x391, 88.7 kilobytes) 030523-1250-WildcatBeach-atAlamereCrk (500x375, 29.0 kilobytes) 030523-1314-LowerAlamereFalls (500x375, 34.0 kilobytes) 030523-1251-LowerAlamereFalls (500x375, 58.5 kilobytes) 030523-1315-LowerAlamereFalls (500x375, 57.8 kilobytes) 030523-1316-LowerAlamereFalls (375x500, 54.5 kilobytes) 030523-1319-LowerAlamereFalls (500x375, 57.1 kilobytes)

Ocean Lake views

030523-1403a-OceanLkVwpt-SE (500x375, 49.3 kilobytes) 030523-1403b-OceanLkVwpt-S (500x375, 33.3 kilobytes) 030523-1403c-OceanLkVwpt-NW (500x375, 38.6 kilobytes) 030523-1403-OceanLkVwpt-NW (500x375, 41.6 kilobytes) 030523-1404-OceanLakeTr-m (489x500, 137.1 kilobytes)

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