Paramount's Great America

We rode all the major coasters except The Demon (standard Arrow steelie)

Park Map
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Park Map (500x406, 93.0 kilobytes)

Stand up coaster - 4 across.
nice and twisty, good pacing

030530-102453-PGA-Vortex-lift (500x375, 66.5 kilobytes) 030530-102458-PGA-Vortex-crest (500x375, 79.7 kilobytes) 030530-102507-PGA-Vortex-vloop (375x500, 40.9 kilobytes) 030530-102512-PGA-Vortex-fancurve (500x375, 39.5 kilobytes) 030530-102519-PGA-Vortex-hloop (500x375, 31.8 kilobytes) 030530-102531-PGA-Vortex-finalhill (500x375, 72.7 kilobytes) 030530-102536-PGA-Vortex-brakerun (500x375, 73.0 kilobytes)

Fixed suspended shuttle loop, dual lift, 2+2 back-to-back
intense, nice pacing

030530-105745-PGA-Invertigo-boomerang-m (500x375, 28.6 kilobytes) 030530-110200-PGA-Invertigo-stationlift (375x500, 61.3 kilobytes) 030530-110206-PGA-Invertigo-stationlift (500x375, 58.7 kilobytes) 030530-110221-PGA-Invertigo-vloop (500x375, 44.9 kilobytes)

Double out-and-back woodie.
Still lame, now with added roughness

030530-111607-PGA-Grizzly-lift (375x500, 46.6 kilobytes) 030530-111652-PGA-Grizzly-firsthill (500x375, 60.8 kilobytes) 030530-111725-PGA-Grizzly- (500x375, 77.2 kilobytes)

Top Gun
Fixed suspended, 4 across.
nice and twisty, good pacing

030530-120723-PGA-TopGun-lift (500x375, 57.8 kilobytes) 030530-120812-PGA-TopGun-brake (500x375, 53.8 kilobytes)

Rip Roaring Rapids
river raft, 3x2.
Very wet! Nice angles on water guns.

head-first lying down, 4 across.
interesting, limited vision, excellent feel

030530-143249-PGA-Stealth- (500x375, 66.1 kilobytes)

Psycho Mouse
single car, 2+2.
nice ride, lacks the rickety sound and feel of the real thing.

030530-151253-PGA-PsychoMouse- (375x500, 72.1 kilobytes) 030530-151332-PGA-PsychoMouse- (500x375, 74.5 kilobytes) 030530-153032-PGA-PsychoMouse- (500x375, 41.4 kilobytes) 030530-153044-PGA-PsychoMouse- (500x375, 40.2 kilobytes) 030530-153129-PGA-PsychoMouse-brake (500x375, 67.6 kilobytes) 030530-153232-PGA-PsychoMouse- (500x375, 67.5 kilobytes) 030530-153306-PGA-PsychoMouse- (500x375, 61.6 kilobytes)

Drop Zone
Vertical tower freefall, 4 across.
vertical braking, nice ride, good cycle time.

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