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August 2, 2003

Outline and Background

Yet another go at doing a Mount Dana - Mount Gibbs combo. Weather conspired against it, again.Map(s) of perambulations below.

Hike Description

I drove up after work on Friday, slept in the car at the Warren Fork hairpin on the Tioga Road, intermittent showers during the night. At dawn it was looking fairly threatening, so I drove down to Poole Rd to nap and read. Later I drove up to Tioga Pass to have a look see and take some pictures of the unsettled weather. Parked the car and napped and read some more. By about 10am the clouds had lifted a bit, so I decided to make at least a quick try for Dana's summit. I fell in with a group of guys doing the same.

Mostly overcast, although the sun peeked out a couple times on the steep meadows below the saddle. Above the saddle we were mostly in the clouds. I went up the ridge as usual, for the more interesting views down into Glacier Canyon. At the summit a little after 1pm. Raw and sleeting with no views.

The hike down was quick, going straight down and across the bowl, and reaching the car about 90 minutes later. Pleasant camping as always at Shepherds Spring.

Summary and Technical Details

About 6 miles. Total elevation gain about 3100 feet. Bunny Hike Rating: (1.33 x 6) = 8 + 31 +7cc = 46

Weather and Conditions

Threatening. I delayed starting the hike hoping the weather would clear up, which it did, a bit. Hit clouds at about 12K, summit was bitter and sleeting. Was fairly pleasant back at the pass.


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Map with route, to the summit in red and return in blue

Map with route
Detail map (609 x 469, 86K)

The weekend ended with a dayhike of White Mountain Peak

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