White Mountain Peak

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August 3, 2003

Outline and Background

The absolute easiest 14 in California! I went up on Open House Day (generally the first Sunday in August), instead of walking up the dirt road from the locked gate at 11,700', you can drive/shuttle up to the Barcroft Lab at 12,450', from there it is about 5 miles up to the summit, with about 2100' of elevation gain. Granted, it is all VERY HIGH, but good trail (old jeep road) the whole way.Map(s) of perambulations below.

Hike Description

After camping at Shepherds Spring, I made an early start, heading for Silver Canyon Road, was defeated there by a washed out road, so had to go around the long way. Parked at the usual gate and shuttled up to the Research Station. Did a quick up and back to the summit (1:45 up, 1:25 down), browsed the exhibits and bought a t-shirt and departed for San Francisco.

Summary and Technical Details

About 10 miles of good tread on an old jeep trail. Total elevation gain about 2500 feet, with two unpleasant upgrades on the return, the first at the saddle, the second up to Telescope Hill (just before you get back to the trailhead). Bunny Hike Rating: 3.2 x 10 = 32 + 25 +0cc = 57

Weather and Conditions

The weather was unsettled, although it was mostly sunny on the trail, dramatic clouds were boiling up on both sides of the ridge. Temperatures were moderate.


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Maps (100K and 24K topos). Route in blue

1:100K topo
Map with route
Detail map (641 x 684, 68K)

1:24K topo
Map with route
Detail map (375 x 618, 70K) - Fine detail map (642 x 1030, 206K)

The holiday weekend started with a dayhike of Mount Dana

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