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Friday, January 16, 2004

Outline and Background

This hike was pretty much a preview for the bunny walk I did the next day. Since I hadn't been in Land's End for about two decades, I wanted to check both the main route, and possible side trips...side trips either for mileage or elevation or simply more interesting routing (read sketchier, steeper and narrower).Maps of perambulations below.

Planning and Route Description

The weather forecasts were pretty steady on overcast but not raining, and since this wasn't a posted hike, I left late morning, and went at my pace. Plan was to take 3-4 hours to get from Baker Beach to La Playa and Cabrillo.

Hike Description

After a yummy french toast breakfast at Eddie's Cafe (Divis and Fulton), I took the 5 and 29 to the west entrance of Baker Beach, followed the Lobos Creek Trail to the Beach, thence up through Seacliff and down to China Beach, Back up to El Camino Del Mar, and into Land's End Park to pick up the old railroad right of way which is the general alignment of the Coastal Trail. I think I followed most of the bay/ocean-side spurs, trails and passable use-trails, some definitely not for the faint hearted or unsteady.

Had a good wander around the Sutro Bath ruins. Excessive coolness. Surprising that some of the old wooden railings are still extant along the main Plunge! Excellent tunnel! Recommended especially if you can time it for low tide. The Cliff House area is under heavy renovation, so that view was out of service. Really weird use of shotcrete landward of that. Quick ride back home on the 5.

Summary and Technical Details

I didn't make an effort to keep track of the mileage, and the Suunto stayed at home, but I estimate 5-6 miles and well over 1000 feet of ascent. About four hours of hiking time.

Weather and Conditions

The weather was cool, but not windy and the sun was diffused by the light clouds. The main trails are generally in good condition, with just a few muddy spots. Spurs and use trails are in proportionately worse shape. Just the barest few wildflowers yet, domestics and escapees are blooming though.




Map of San Francisco and route detail map, route in magenta

SF-100K-route indicated
Larger Image (200K)

Land's End detail route map

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