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January 17, 2004

Outline and Background

After last week's hike, I decided to try to keep up the good work, especially since more long hikes seem to be falling into place. But I also didn't want to take all day or be sore for a few days again. So a fast walk along the San Francisco coastline seemed promising. Maps of perambulations below.

Planning and Route Description

The weather forecasts were pretty steady on overcast but not raining, so I posted the hike for 10am, meeting at Hyde and Jefferson (Aquatic Park), got a maybe, a probably and a yes. Plan was a 12-14 mile fast walk along the Coastal Trail from Aquatic Park to Fort Funston. Depending on the skills and preferences of the hikers, there are possibilities for side trips or alternate routings.

Saturday the 16th, I had wandered around Land's End, checking the trails, alternates and spurs, since I hadn't been there for years. Lots of cool sketchy bits if needed.

Hike Description

By 10:15 noone had showed up, so I took off, staying on the main trail almost the whole way, diverting only at Sutro Heights (over rather than around), and taking a sketchy shortcut near Deadman's Point to avoid a steep and safe diversion. No major grades, just a few more or less gentle or short climbs interspersed with flat mostly gravel trail walking. Views were less dramatic and more urban than I prefer, but nice enough for all that. Rather than catching the bus at the entrance to Fort Funston, I continued north along Lake Merced and ended the hike at the Carousel Cafe (ex-Doggie Diner, now with restored Doggie head outside) for a yummy greasy burger.

Summary and Technical Details

The hike ended more or less as planned, a bit longer and faster, but that's unsurprising for a solo hike. ~15 miles, 900 feet of ascent, 4:04 of hiking time. [Next day] I feel fine.

Weather and Conditions

The weather was cool, but not windy and the sun was diffused by the light clouds. The trails are generally in good condition, with just a few muddy spots. Just the barest few wildflowers yet, domestics and escapees are blooming though.




Map of San Francisco and route detail maps, route in red


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