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January 29, 2004

Outline and Background

A walk from home to the relief point, then the bus ride and walk back Map(s) of perambulations below.

Planning and Route Description

The weather forecasts were for overcast and cool. If it had been raining, I'd have left earlier and taken the bus. More or less my usual route, from home, Pierce, across Alamo Square to Hayes and out Hayes to Masonic.

Hike Description

Making a late-ish start, I set a brisk pace for the relief point. I got there just before the bus, but there was another driver there to make the relief. I assured him that it was my regular run, and it wasn't til I was in the seat that I realized that I had a furlough day coming up. Sure enough, when I checked, I was off. So I gave the bus to him and rode back to Alamo Square, where I took a few pictures and sauntered home.

Summary and Technical Details

Not quite what I had planned, since I was expecting to be working, but all-in-all, not-work is good!

Weather and Conditions

The weather was cool, but not windy and overcast. All pavement walking, except for some mud on heavily dog-abused lawn.




Aerial Photo of Alamo Square, route in red and fuschia

Alamo Square aerial photo

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