Point Reyes

Climbing up to the ridge

040207-085610-FireLnTr-FarallonIs-SW-m (400x351, 43.2 kilobytes) 040207-085619-FireLnTr-PtReyes-W (400x300, 47.5 kilobytes) 040207-092154-FireLnTr-JimK (400x300, 51.5 kilobytes)

Jim relaxing for a moment

040207-105046-BearVlyTr-DivideMdw-JimK (400x300, 52.2 kilobytes)

Views around Wildcat Camp

040207-120644-WildcatCampRd-SW (400x300, 39.1 kilobytes) 040207-131148-CoastalTr-WildcatLk-S (400x300, 29.3 kilobytes)

Near Miller's Point

040207-134013-CoastalTr-PtReyes-W (400x300, 29.6 kilobytes) 040207-134450-CoastalTr-nrMillersPt (400x300, 73.6 kilobytes) 040207-135538--CoastalTr-nrMillersPt-AlamereFalls-SE (400x300, 23.2 kilobytes)

Arch Rock

040207-140147-CoastalTr-ArchRock-NW (400x300, 32.4 kilobytes) 040207-140407-CoastalTr-ArchRock-S (300x400, 53.0 kilobytes) 040207-140419-CoastalTr-ArchRock-S (300x400, 48.6 kilobytes)

The Fallow Deer seems to be well equiped for tracking

040207-151259-CoastalTr-nrCoastCamp-m (400x361, 50.3 kilobytes)

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