June 20-21 Long Valley Area - Shepherd's Tub

Shepherd's Tub

040620-130320-ShepherdsTub (400x300, 38.2 kilobytes) 040620-130302-ShepherdsTub (400x300, 46.4 kilobytes) 040620-130356-ShepherdsTub (400x300, 44.8 kilobytes) 040621-124647-ShepherdsTub (400x300, 42.8 kilobytes) 040621-124721-ShepherdsTub (400x300, 44.2 kilobytes)

Shepherd's Spring Source

040620-130249-ShepherdsTub-Src (400x300, 48.7 kilobytes) 040621-120218-ShepherdsTub-Src (400x300, 49.5 kilobytes) 040621-120209-ShepherdsTub-Src (400x300, 54.9 kilobytes)

Foot of Convict Lake Canyon

040621-130513-ConvictLkCyn-nrUS395-SW (400x300, 34.9 kilobytes) 040621-130531-ConvictLkCyn-nrUS395-SW (400x300, 34.0 kilobytes) 040621-130604-MammothMtn-frConvictLkRd-nrUS395-W (400x300, 43.2 kilobytes) 040621-130619-ConvictLkRd-nrUS395 (400x300, 68.3 kilobytes) 040621-130634-ConvictLkRd-nrUS395 (400x300, 40.5 kilobytes)

Tioga Pass (Yosemite)

040621-135632-MtDana-frTiogaPass-SR120-E (400x300, 37.6 kilobytes) 040621-135644-KunaPk-frTiogaPass-SR120-S (400x300, 35.9 kilobytes)

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