C. A. Thayer Restoration in Alameda, CA

041108-111039-Oakland-PoseyTube-S (300x400, 30.2 kilobytes) 041108-111601-Alameda-PoseyTube-W-m (400x399, 37.9 kilobytes) 041108-120839-CAThayer-Sailing-m (400x335, 31.6 kilobytes) 041108-120914-CAThayer-HoldArrangement-m (400x177, 16.9 kilobytes) 041108-121005-CAThayer-DeckPlan-m (400x176, 19.2 kilobytes) 041108-122108-CAThayer-OutboardProfile-m (400x252, 21.9 kilobytes) 041108-122014-CAThayer-InboardProfile-m (400x177, 14.6 kilobytes) 041108-122054-CAThayer-MidshipSection-m (400x255, 19.0 kilobytes)

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