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November 21, 2004

Hike Description

Map(s) of perambulations below.

Originally, the plan was to do a much longer and more strenuous hike in the Marin Headlands, but sloth and the internet killed that idea. Instead, a shopping trip, by foot actually happened. Northern San Francisco is home to a number of prominent, but not particularly high hills (2s and and 3s) compared to the 9s in the more southerly sections. However, I put together a pleasant loop via Alta Plaza Park, Lafayette Heights, Lombardi Sports, Nob Hill, Cafe Honolulu (in Chinatown), Macy's Kitten Windows, Discount Builders Supply and Alamo Square

Obviously, I was doing more than summiting, but it was a pleasant walk anyway.

This hike was the first of a series of hikes in San Francisco to address a surprising absence in my local hiking...the total absence of the Hills of San Francisco from my peak list. San Francisco Peaks website. My current highest peak in San Francisco is Strawberry Hill (in Golden Gate Park) at 420 feet (23rd highest overall). On this trip I topped #31-Nob Hill (376') and #28-Lafayette Heights (385').

I also attempted to take pictures every 10 minutes, those and their commentary can be found here: Intervals

Summary and Technical Details

About 8 miles, 900+ feet of ascent.

Weather and Conditions

The weather was cool, but not windy. Bright and clear, perfect for a walk.


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Map of hike location and route detail maps, route starts heading north, in blue

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