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January 16-17, 2012

Trip Summary

A winter road trip to...umm, drop off crosscut saws with my sharpener in Calpine. Yeah, right! True, I did drop off a pile of saws with Dolly, but it was the excuse for a winter excursion. The Tioga Road was open for the first time ever after January 1st, and when else would I get a chance to explore the High Country in midwinter without cross country skis or snow cover? And, as it happened, bring a friend to the glories of Yosemite and the East Side!


So: Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias, Olmsted Point, (frozen) Tenaya Lake, (frozen) Dana Fork Tuolumne River, (frozen) Ellery Lake, (frozen) Lee Vining Falls, Mono Lake South Tufa, Panum Crater, Travertine Hot Springs, and the grandeur of high desert backroads on the California.Nevada border!

Weather and Conditions

The weather was mostly sunny and cold, morning in Lee Vining was icy fog. Total driving mileage about 650 miles.


Red Slate

Panoramas from some scenic points on the trip

Sequoia in Tuolumne Grove
Giant Sequoia in Tuolumne Grove
, 800x1500(270K)

Tenaya Lake - East
Tenaya Lake - East
, 800x2200(460K)

Tenaya Lake - West
Tenaya Lake - West
, 800x1900(260K)

Ellery Lake - West
Ellery Lake
, 800x2200(250K)

Mono Lake - Fog
Mono Lake Fog
600x1800 (140K)
, 800x2400 (220K)

Secret Pool - View
Secret Pool Vista
600x800 (120K)
, 800x1100 (210K)


Area maps, route in blue

Map with route
Detailed Map (270K)

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