Disaster - Paradise-Blowdown-Boulder Scouting Trip

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June 22-23, 2013

Trip Summary

Dual purpose trip to scout the project trails and work location, also to try to clear the stock route prior to our arrival.


Starting at Iceberg Meadow, up the Disaster Creek Trail, then up the Paradise Valley Trail, crossing the divide and dropping down the PCT, south on the PCT to camp at the headwaters of Boulder Creek.

On the second day, continuing south to the Boulder Creek Trail junction. I walked over the the Blowdown area and took a bunch of pictures, then down the Boulder Creek Trail to the Clark Fork Trail and back to Iceberg Meadow.

Hiking Pictures here

Weather and Conditions

The weather was mostly sunny and pleasant. Bugs weren't too horrible. Just a touch of sprinkles on the hike out.

Blowdown Area

Link to panorama of the blowdown area

Thanks to Google Earth for a view of the blowdown area!
Blowdown map
Larger version of Blowdown Map

List of Logs

PDF of List of Logs

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